Programme Focus

Gender and Development
AHD promotes gender equality through its interventions in gender sensitization, gender development, advocacy and networking among women. The target groups are from low income and rural areas, where they have very less opportunities and limited resources. 

Children Development
AHD creates and advocates for environment where children are free from all kinds of threats and exploitations. AHD strives to achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) for Education, by 2015. AHD provide education services through awareness raising, establishment of primary schools and capacity building of teachers and stakeholders.

AHD provide primary health care services in rural and low income areas through awareness raising, capacity building and services delivery. AHD has a commitment to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS among most risk groups and helping the people living with HIV/AIDS (PALWA) through care and support.

Peace Building
AHD is committed to promote peace and harmony through awareness raising on mass scale with involvement of all stakeholders for efforts to foster the culture of peace, harmony and just living with people having different faiths, cultures, sects and beliefs. The strategic target groups are children, youth, religious people and communities with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. 

Disaster Response
Geographically, Pakistan is located in the area which is prone to a number of natural disasters. The country faces different disasters from droughts to flood to earthquakes and cyclones due to its diverse range of terrain. In last half of the current decade the countries faced major droughts, earthquakes and floods. The whole country regularly experiences different natural and manmade disasters every year. AHD provides relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction services in manmade and natural disasters.


Cross Cutting Areas

Human Rights
AHD provides services for the protection of human rights of most vulnerable segments of society. AHD also believes in raising awareness and building up the capacities of the local community especially youth to act as human rights activists.

Climate Change
AHD believes in conservation of natural resources including forests, water, wild life and agriculture through different interventions and service delivery at community and policy level. AHD has planned to work on climate change adaption in desert and mountainous areas of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

Disabled People
AHD also believes in the support of the disable people in the socio-economic development activities through rehabilitation, care, education and economic empowerment at grassroots level where the disabled people are living in vulnerable situations.